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    Someone that I know wrote this app. Maybe it will be usefull for someone here too


    Guide your telescope from your Android device!
    StarsPi will connect to your Raspberry Pi via WiFi and:
    - continuously download the guider camera image for frame and focus
    - let you select the guide star
    - calibrate the guider camera image with the desired number of frames
    - calibrate the directions of the guiding system
    - set guiding rate (all popular guide rates supported)
    - fine tune the parameters of the guiding algorithm
    - display the drift data of each axis
    - more to come...

    StarsPi uses the 3.1 version of Lin-guider to achieve the guiding.

    Note: in order to use the application, your Raspberry Pi needs to run a modified version of Lin-guider. Installation notes and details can be found on

    Take care and clear skies

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    StarsPi 1.1

    Posted by Zsolt Nagy on November 1, 2015

    The newest version of StarsPi is available on Google Play. It adds two new features: DSLR camera control and dithering.

    The modified Lin-guider package also needs to be updated: link.

    The DSLR camera should be connected to the RPI via USB cable, all newer Canon EOS cameras are supported (more to come).

    Web site

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