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Thread: Astroart 6.0 Service Pack 3

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    Astroart 6.0 Service Pack 3

    Hello, at the Astroart web site: it's available the third service pack for Astroart 6.0.
    This SP also contains and installs an updated Help file, for the new commands:

    Version 6.0 SP3 - October 10, 2017
    * New feature. Camera and telescope control 6.2 final.
    * New feature. Batch photometry on a moving object.
    * New feature. Astrometry on a moving object.
    * New feature. Open and Save observatory configuration.
    * Improved. Align spectrum is more robust.
    * Improved. Several script commands, with new documentation.
    * Improved. Options and new documentation for ensemble photometry.
    * Bug fix. Preprocessing: "Copy missing borders" not working with "follow minor planet".
    * Bug fix. Several corrections in Camera Control 6.2.

    The Camera control 6.2 includes several improvements: for example, there are now three different methods for syncing the telescope (a given object, the last GOTO, the last calibrated image). Autoguide Dithering has the option "Send message to PHD" for who like to use PHD for autoguiding and Astroart for taking sequences. Scripts have many new functions, the list is inside the new Help. A new progress bar helps to monitor the status of a sequence.
    The Camera control 6.2 is now the default panel for Astroart 6, but the Camera control 6.01 is still available in the Plugin menu, mainly for older cameras which may not be compatible with 6.2.
    Clear skies,

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    Thanks Fabio for the great improvements.

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    I managed to miss SP2. Is it included in the new SP3 release?



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    Yes, every SP contains all the previous updates.

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