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Thread: Max vlaue stacking

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    Max vlaue stacking


    Is it possible to let AA stack images, not using average values, but tha max values? Similar to the DeepSkyStacker [Stacking parameters]->[Light]->Maximum setting.

    I need this for a sequence of very wideangle pictures, with ISS passing across the sky, where I select manual align in AA. But the average track of ISS becomes very weak.

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    Hi, there is not a way to do it automatically. If the images are less than 20-30 then you may proceed semi-manually this way:

    1) In Preprocessing, enable the option "Save each image" so that all aligned images are saved.
    2) Open all aligned images at once in Astroart, and Minimize All.
    3) Restore the first image so that it's visible.
    4) Menu Arithmetic, Maximum, with the 2 image.
    5) Repeat step 4 for all images.
    [ if by error you use the same image two times, it doesn't matter, thanks to the properties of the Maximum operator ]

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    Thanks Fabio, clever work around
    Will try that.

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    Once again, thanks for the instructions Fabio, it worked like a charme.
    Still, it would be a nice feature for a future release ;-)

    Btw, here's what I made of the pictures, 10 x 30 [s], taken with a 8 mm lens.

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