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Thread: Astroart 7 and astrometry/photometry

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    Astroart 7 and astrometry/photometry

    Took some exoplanet transit images with SGP last night.
    Some questions:
    In star atlas when I do Find, why is coordinates 'Get from image' grayed although image have coordinates ?
    Also now after setting manual coordinates and doing find stars and astrometry/photometry I see no N/E orientation mark.
    Also should there be coordinates displayed in status bar after doing astrometry ?


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    Hi, have you opened the fits header for that image in AstroArt to verify that the coordinates are there? AstroArt puts the telescope Ra/Dec into the fits header when the image is taken if the telescope is connected! Is that what SGP does?

    If you've plate solved the image then the N/E orientation mark will be in the upper left corner of the image. Also the Ra/Dec of the cursor on the image will be visible in the status bar.
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    Okay, here's the fits header taken with AstroArt (only RA,DEC part):
    RA = '12:26:06.8'
    DEC = '+12:47:29'
    OBJCTRA = '12:26:06.8'
    OBJCTDEC= '+12:47:29'

    And taken with SGP
    RA = 6.99825767002523 / Object Right Ascension in degrees
    DEC = 42.152548552194 / Object Declination in degrees
    CRVAL1 = 6.99825767002523 / RA at image center in degrees
    CRVAL2 = 42.152548552194 / DEC at image center in degrees
    OBJCTRA = '00 27 59.582' / Object Right Ascension in hms
    OBJCTDEC= '+42 09 09.175' / Object Declination in degrees

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    Have you tried the AstroArt image to see if the "Get From Image" is still grayed out?

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    Yes, with ArtoArt images there is Get from image useable.
    Maybe Astroart expects RA and DEC to be in HMS format and not in degrees ?

    Funny thing yesterday when tried to do astrometry and using SGP files and manual entering coordinates - it found stars in different part of star atlas when I did search in same image again. Also the orientation of the square in star atlas seemed to change. And no N/E orientation mark.

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