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Thread: RisingTech Cams - Astroart does not demosaic properly

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    RisingTech Cams - Astroart does not demosaic properly

    Hello - My first post. I hope not a bother, not being an expert with AA.

    I have begun using RisingTech IMX224 and Panasonic MN34230PL 16MP sensor cams which I find excellent devices for this amateur's price. I have a little puzzle.

    For capture, when I use the provided RisingSky SW (which employs compliant FITS files & ASCOM drivers--a nice app), I have noticed that RAW-16 bit-FITS images -- which happen to include the FITS header line item COLORTYP= 'RGGB ' -- open perfectly in AA7 with the correct Demosaic 'RGGB' matrix selected.

    However, when I use AA7 for capture using the same ASCOM driver settings & capture setup, the AA7 created FITS images when opened do not yield a correct color image, even when the RGGB matrix is selected in Demosiac. Actually, when any of the four Bayer matrices is selected. AA seems confused. [The color balance histograms in any demosaic approach are also peculiar.] I am not sure it is even relevant, or what is, but I noticed that the COLORTYP= 'RGGB ' line item does not get written to the FITS header in AA7 captures.

    Being a fan of AstroArt, and perhaps wishing to use AA for capture etc., I am wondering if I am missing a setting, if it is a driver issue, something simple, or what? I am betting on this dweeb missing something. I'd appreciate ideas or possible fixes. Thanks.

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    the COLORTYP is not the issue. Maybe in Astroart the image was downloaded in binning 2x2 ?
    I suggest the following test: take an image with RisingSky, exit, now take the same image in Astroart and compare the two images, for example with the Blink tool.
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